Suriname: Curfew brought forward to 9 PM; no pagara relay

This year there will be no pagara relay on December 31st. Fireworks sales will also be strictly monitored. This is what Minister Amar Ramadhin of Health said in a television speech. From Tuesday, December 15, the curfew will be from 9 PM to 5 AM.

In recent weeks, we have seen a downward trend in the number of COVID-19 infections, Ramadhin said. This left room for relaxation of the measures. “Unfortunately, we have seen a worrying rise in the number of infections in recent days. We have gone from zero infections per day to days when we saw six and ten infections last weekend. ”

According to the minister, the source of the increase can be traced back to a number of clusters:
– Brazilians from French Guiana.
– Brazilians from the gold fields.
– Infections that take place during events.

This December, in particular, has proved challenging to limit social gatherings. Private parties, Christmas dinners but also bars, cafes and restaurants create situations in which the COVID measures are not enforced.


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