NYC: ‘Phlegm fatale’ who spit in cop’s face has a prior bust for jumping on captain

The cop-hating demonstrator who spat in an NYPD sergeant’s face last month allegedly leaped onto the back of a police captain as he tried to make an arrest during an earlier protest, it emerged in court Monday.

“Phlegm fatale” Devina Singh, 24, was issued a desk appearance ticket during the Manhattan protest in September after she allegedly interfered with Captain Bekim Kalicovic’s arrest of her comrade Alvin Dan on the edge of Washington Square Park.

“The defendant jumped on the back of Captain Bekim Kalicovic…who was assisting in the arrest of Alvin Dan, in an attempt to pull Captain Kalicovic away from Alvin Dan,” the complaint states of the Sept. 18 confrontation.

When Kalicovic and Lt. Frank Gonzalez tried to place Dan in cuffs for kicking a police car, he allegedly kicked and punched them in the face and body, according to court papers.


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