Jamaica: COVID JAB FEAR – Resistance From Front-Line Staff Could Hurt Vaccine Campaign

As the Holness administration fine-tunes plans for the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine in April 2021, it is emerging that the Ministry of Health and Wellness might be facing anti-vaxxer pushback from front-line staff who are one of the key groups first to be inoculated.

Front-line staff might complicate what could be a logistical nightmare for the Government as doctors, nurses, porters, guards, and others in the hospital and health centre network interact with patients and present the greatest threat as transmitters or victims of viral outbreak.

The cool reception to the vaccine is not unique to Jamaica as suspicion and fear have been reported in developed countries that are much further ahead with the despatch of what could be a game-changer exactly one year after COVID-19 emerged in China.

Anecdotal reports from an unscientific canvass of porters, janitors, doctors, and nurses at the two major hospitals in Jamaica’s capital on Sunday indicated that the health ministry may have to concentrate a major awareness campaign within its own ranks before broadening it to the wider public.


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