Dominican Republic: Government seeks to stabilize prices of basic products through Inespre

Through the Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre), the Dominican Government is seeking to reduce the intermediation between the agricultural producer and the final consumer to reduce the prices of essential grocery products.

“That is why we are working to make the intermediation as short as possible so that everyone can do their job and the consumer can benefit,” said the director of the Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre), Iván Hernández Guzmán.

He assures that the prices of garlic, cassava, and banana have been falling.

“The instructions of the president and how it is being planted in this country is that there is a lot of food at fair prices,” said the official.

Iván Hernández Guzmán said that they have been working with the “Mobile Markets” program going to the entire national geography.

“We have reached more than 232,000 families who have directly received the benefit of us as an institution, and the idea is to continue bringing necessities and Dominican products to that national geography,” said the official.


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