Completely wiped out from Zoom meetings? Here are 5 exercises for an instant energy boost

With the majority of professionals doing their jobs from home for the foreseeable future, we’re all feeling challenged by the lack of routine. When the boundary between work and personal time is so blurry, fitting in a workout can feel harder than ever.

Don’t throw in the sweat towel just yet. While the fitness industry is still catching up to meet our needs in this new world order, the onus is on us to define what fitness is going to look like, and create space for it in our lives. Here are five steps—from getting in the right mindset to work out to the exercises you can do.


It’s all too easy to get in your head, before long you’ve created nonexistent obstacles—like lack of access to the proper equipment, or insufficient space. We’re our own worst enemies sometimes. The only things you need are your body and a positive mindset.

This 30-minute workout is short and sweet so that you can incorporate it into any part of your day and step right back into your meetings.


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