Jamaica: Caribshopper Provides Solution For Caribbean Merchants – New Version Of Site Zooms In On Exports

Caribshopper is providing a new and improved solution for Caribbean merchants – and homesick shoppers who long to indulge in their favourite treats – just in time for the holidays. Not only will they have the ability to shop for Caribbean goods online, they’ll also receive them in reasonable time.

Originally, the business focused on imports. “When Caribshopper first studied our business model, it was to support our merchants and consumers so there are no listing or membership fees. We don’t want to create barriers as our mission has always been to bring the Caribbean into the First World,” said Kadion Preston, co-founder and CEO of Caribshopper. “In establishing a sort of project ‘go local’, we thought building out the import side of e-commerce would help build out the export side.”

Launched in 2016, Caribshopper allowed Caribbean consumers to buy from United States retailers through partnerships with Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart.

“We were the first company actually to allow for consumers to shop with cash,” he said, adding that “not many people locally had access to credit cards”.


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