Zoom, Peacock, and TikTok take the top spots as the fastest-growing brands of 2020

Another end-of-2020 list for all of you. This time the list comes from Morning Consult. The firm has just published its annual “Fastest Growing Brands” list, which it describes as “the definitive measure of brand growth for both emerging and established brands, showcasing a wide range of companies and products that have accelerated their consumer appeal and awareness in 2020.”

For this year’s list, the top spot was claimed by Zoom. No need to guess why, right? Surprisingly NBCUniversal’s fledgling streaming service took the No. 2 spot. Less of a surprise was the brand that claimed the No. 3 spot: TikTok.

Morning Consult says that all the brands on this year’s list were shaped by changing consumer behavior resulting from the pandemic: “Nearly every brand that occupies a spot on the Fastest Growing Brands list is meaningfully connected to pandemic-related behavior, from at-home entertainment to cleaning products to pharmaceutical companies.”


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