Google Doodle honours Sir Arthur Lewis

St Lucia’s Nobel Laureate, economist and professor Sir William Arthur Lewis is being celebrated by Google 41 years after he was awarded the Nobel Laureate Prize in economics.

Lewis was the first Black faculty member at the London School of Economics, the first Black person to hold a chair in a British university (at Manchester University), and the first Black instructor to receive full professorship at Princeton University.

According to Google, the Doodle which was illustrated by Manchester-based guest artist Camilla Ru, was created to mark this day in 1979 when Lewis was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his pioneering work to model the economic forces that impact developing countries.

Artist Camilla Ru says she was inspired by Lewis’s contribution to the economies of so many countries hence why this Doodle was so meaningful to her.

“Arthur Lewis was an inspiring historical figure. I think his vast influence on the development of so many countries’ economies was most inspiring to me, especially his willingness to teach and share his knowledge for the betterment of others,” said Ru.


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