Suriname: Minister Walden gives shopkeeper Moengo a serious warning

During a working visit to Moengo, Minister Saskia Walden of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation gave a shopkeeper a serious warning to adhere to the permit conditions and to always submit receipts.

Walden takes price controls seriously and therefore accompanies her working visits to the districts where the ministry has a branch during the shop controls.

Using the list of target prices for basic and strategic goods, the minister checked whether the retailer adheres to the maximum profit margin. It appeared that there was a price increase, no calibrated scales and lack of the correct label on chicken. The minister gives the shopkeeper a week to have his scales calibrated.

Walden also complimented a retailer for making provisions for the COVID-19 protocols.

A modern device has been installed at the entrance of the store, where consumers can disinfect their hands and at the same time the temperature is measured by the censor on the device.


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