Suriname: ACT-Suriname wants to support local communities in the fight against deforestation

In the coming period, Amazon Conservation Team-Suriname will draw on results from the Amazonia 2.0 project to help the government and local communities achieve greater success in the fight against deforestation. The Amazonia 2.0 project is carried out in Suriname, Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru and aims to empower communities to effectively monitor and manage their own area.

Ontbossing gaat in de landen Guyana, Colombia, Brazilië, Ecuador en Peru en ook in Suriname sneller dan waarop controle en adaptief optreden afgestemd is. De Engelse krant The Guardian meldde op 30 november zelfs dat een gebied zeven keer zo groot als Londen verloren is gegaan aan ontbossing in het afgelopen jaar in Brazilië. De strijd tegen klimaatverandering lijkt daardoor steeds meer een zinloze te worden, tenzij er nu stappen worden genomen om het bos te behouden.

ACT-Suriname has therefore entered into a partnership with Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru in the implementation of the regional project Amazonia 2.0, which aims to combat deforestation by educating local communities in order to shape their own future. to safeguard their territory and thus that of the world community. Although this project has been in progress for two years, Suriname and Guyana only joined the consortium of the six aforementioned countries in March this year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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