Jamaica: McKenzie moves to shut down illegal parties; says no permits granted

An illegal party titled ‘Shut Yuh Mouth with Yuh Likkle Bit a Money’ that was advertised for Wednesday, December 9 in Bull Bay, St Andrew in clear breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), will not take place as scheduled as Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie has asked the police to shut it down.

The promoters of the event also claimed that the party was sanctioned by the “Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC)” which the minister noted was both erroneous and a lie as the KSAC has for sometime been renamed the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC). McKenzie also noted that none of the 14 municipal corporations across the country had granted any permits for any entertainment event in the last five months.

McKenzie, who was addressing the House of Representatives on Tuesday, said promoters were using social media to advertise their events in an effort to bypass the proper channels and to keep the police off their track.


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