Bahamas: Environmental watch groups file for judicial review to quash oil drilling approvals

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Environmental groups Waterkeeper Bahamas Limited and Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay have filed an application in the Supreme Court for leave to bring judicial review proceedings against the decision to approve exploratory oil drilling in The Bahamas.

The application names Minister of the Environment Romauld Ferreira, Environmental Protection and Planning Director Rochelle Newbold and Attorney General Carl Bethel as respondents.

Fred Smith, QC, represents the applicants.

The applicants seek to challenge and have quashed Ferreira’s decision to grant environmental approvals in February; approved changes to the project and a new environmental impact assessment (EIA) in November; Newbold’s alleged approval of Bahamas Petroleum Company’s (BPC) EIA in February; approval of the amendment and resubmitted EIA in November; as well as the decision to approve changes to the project without “an amended EIA and EMP”.


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