“Wall Street South”: Goldman Leads Financial Firm Exodus From NYC To Florida

Liberal politicians have been driving citizens out of their cities and states all year – as we have documented in cities like Chicago and states like California – due to an increasing embrace of higher taxes and more regulation, all while acting as authoritarian lockdown hypocrites (see here and here) and embracing defunding the police.

The latest genius to singlehandedly ruin his city now appears to be Bill de Blasio, who not only has turned New York into a destitute shell of the city it once was, but could also be single-handedly on the verge of ruining the financial capital of the United States. Thanks to his “leadership”, massive financial firms like Goldman Sachs and Elliot Management are now taking their operations out of New York and into states like to Florida.

Goldman, a Wall Street staple for better or worse, is in the midst of weighing a new Florida hub for its asset management arm and $41 billion Elliot Management is planning to move its headquarters to West Palm Beach, according to Bloomberg

Goldman’s move could wind up blazing the path for other financial firms who have considered a similar move. Florida does, after all, offer “better weather and no state income tax”. 


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