Suriname: Resumption of the Suriname-Guyana ferry service postponed indefinitely

Suriname and Guyana have postponed the resumption of the ferry service between the two countries because of the large group of Cuban foreigners who camp in South Drain. The Cubans want to cross to Guyana to continue their journey from there. People who have to make the crossing from Guyana to Suriname or vice versa now have to wait much longer.

Initially, the ferry service would resume on Saturday, December 12, Guyana Chronicle said. The MB Sandaka will be used as the replacement vessel for the MV Canawaima.

Guyanese Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill, has confirmed the delay. “It is dealt with at a diplomatic level,” he says. As soon as it is clear what will happen to the Cubans in South Drain and there is a solution, the ferry service will resume, he said. The minister also said that the directors of Canawaima Ferry Inc. and the Canawaima Management Committee have a meeting on this Friday.

He indicated that the matter is in the hands of the foreign ministers of both countries in cooperation with the United Nations (UN). Suriname and Guyana had closed their borders in March to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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