NYC: New Yorkers May Have to Pay Package Delivery Surcharge to Help Fund MTA

With the Metropolitan Transportation Authority facing a budget crisis, New Yorkers may have to dig into their pockets to help out.

Under a new proposed bill, New York City residents would be required to pay a $3 surcharge on packages they ordered online, with the exception for medicine and food.

Assemblyman Robert Carroll, who proposed the bill, says the online shopping fee would raise more than $1 billion a year “to fund the operating costs of buses and subways in the city of New York.”


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  1. How about you investigate the fraudulent overtime payments instead to find some money in closing the gap? How did the employees get away with billing MULTIPLES of their salary in overtime? Caputo, an employee for DECADES made $461,000 his last year before he retired. So he pretty much raised his pension payments. How many pensions are based on these fraudulent overtime schedules? 400 million was paid out in overtime in one year alone. New punch card machines all “stopped working” within weeks. How about you deal with the deficit internally before trying to reach for hand-outs from the outside public?


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