Jamaica: Bus Operator In Viral Video Fined Total Of $37,000 For Road Traffic Breaches

The Manchester bus operator who was captured in a 2019 viral video in an altercation with a policeman has been fined a total of $37,000 or 51 days in prison for offences committed two years earlier.

Jermain Reid, 45, was fined in the Manchester Parish Court today after he pleaded guilty to breaches of the Road Traffic Act.

Reid was charged for transporting up to 35 students as opposed to the 22 he was licensed to carry, having heavily tinted windows, failure to provide a badge, graffiti on a public passenger vehicle, and not wearing his uniform.

The charges were laid in October 2017.

When Reid appeared in court this morning, he was to be tried for the October 2017 offences as well as those committed in February 2019 when he had the altercation with the policemen.


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