GoFundMe’s biggest campaigns in history are a chilling window into our needs, desires, and broken safety nets

GoFundMe is a decade old and celebrating its prowess at separating you from your dollars on behalf of good causes—or at least causes that sound good. (30 Marathons in 30 Countries Before I Turn 30, anyone?) The platform’s fundraising-fu is eye-opening, pulling in annual funds comparable to the GDP of countries like Guinea-Bissau and Gambia. Here are its biggest hauls:

  • Biggest fundraiser of all time: $44.6 million in the ongoing America’s Food Fund campaign, launched by Laurene Powell Jobs and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Most donations: Over 500,000 to the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund, raising $14.7 million, with an average of $29 per donation.
  • Highest donation day ever: June 2, 2020, in response to Black Lives Matters and associated movements.
  • Total funds raised since 2010: $10 billion-plus, from over 150 million donations (an average of $66 per donation).

These details and many more come in GoFundMe’s annual giving report, which this year includes a decade’s worth of snapshots and factoids. For example, 70% of donations are now under $50—up from 40% last year.


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