Trinidad & Tobago: PNM Women’s League: Justice for Ashanti

The National Women’s League of the People’s National Movement (PNM) is calling for swift justice following the death of 18-year-old Ashanti Riley. 

In a statement, the group also condemned those who blame victims of violence, calling on men to hold their peers accountable for their actions.

‘The PNM National Women’s League today joins with the national community to mourn and condemn the killing of Ashanti and the countless other women who have been victims of violence. We also see the pain on social media and the pictures of women who are still missing.’

‘We stand in solidarity with the family and loved ones of Ashanti Riley whose precious life was violently taken this past week. As a mark of respect to her life we CRY OUT FOR SWIFT JUSTICE AND THE FULL ARM OF THE LAW NOW!’

‘Heinous acts such as these must never become our acceptable norm and are a grave reminder that we must continue to be vigilant against all acts of violence against our nation’s women.’


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