NYC: Video shows moment Staten Island bar owner rammed sheriff with Jeep

This is the moment that a Staten Island bar owner allegedly rammed his Jeep into a sheriff’s sergeant attempting to arrest him for slinging drinks in defiance of state coronavirus restrictions.

Surveillance video exclusively obtained by The Post opens with Danny Presti, co-owner of Mac’s Public House, running into frame and getting behind the wheel of the blue Jeep around midnight Sunday, closely followed by two men dressed head-to-toe in dark clothes.

One of the men, previously identified by law enforcement sources as New York City Sheriff’s Sgt. Kenneth Matos, reaches the vehicle before Presti can drive away and appears to move toward the front passenger window before backing up to the front of the Jeep, the 18-second clip shows.

With Matos in front of the vehicle, appearing to rest his hands on its hood, Presti begins to accelerate, the momentum gradually picking the lawman up onto the hood, the video shows.


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