Suriname: Residents of Apoera discuss problems with ministers

Residents of Apoera and the surrounding area discussed their problems during a krutu with several ministers who were visiting the area. At that meeting, the community indicated that they are dealing with cases of sexual abuse. It is also noted that this problem is often concealed by the family. They have also raised matters regarding immigration matters and land rights.

The delegation consisted of Ministers Kenneth Amoksi (Justice and Police, David Abiamofo (Natural Resources) and Albert Jubithana (Transport, Communication and Tourism). Minister Amoksi was present in Kabalebo resort to meet the staff of the services of the Ministry and also to take stock of the security situation in the area. He paid an introductory visit to the staff of the police station and the fire station in Apoera, where his colleagues were present for an orientation visit.

Amoksi also had a work meeting with the employees to learn about the ins and outs of the police and fire services in this area. Furthermore, the visit also had an exploratory character for the setting up of checkpoints at Matapi and Witagron.


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