Suriname: No dispensations or waivers for upcoming holidays

The government will issue an official advice regarding the upcoming holidays. With regard to the year-end closing, there will first be talks in a government context. In any case, no government dispensations or exemptions will be issued for spreading events. This was said by Health Minister Amar Ramadin during the government press conference on Thursday.

The Ministry of Health does not consider possible company parties and the traditional Pagara relay to be sensible. According to Minister Ramadhin, this does not mean that this activity will not take place. “But from the perspective of Public Health it is not advisable to continue the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration that we know in Suriname this year.”

The minister says that more information will be available about this soon. He indicates that in many countries strict measures have already been taken with regard to New Year’s Eve. For example, countries have banned fireworks or banned parties. Minister Ramadhin believes that we in Suriname should also look at options in order to be able to continue to guarantee the health of citizens, even after the close of the year.


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