Jamaica: Clansman gang significantly degraded, says police commissioner

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, says the St Catherine-based Clansman gang has been significantly degraded, with at least 60 alleged members of the gang now behind bars awaiting trial.

The reputed leader of the gang, Tesha Miller, is also incarcerated, having been convicted on a criminal charge.

Anderson told a virtual police press conference on Wednesday that the trial of members of the Clansman gang is expected to commence in January.

“It’s a large case; I believe it is a landmark case. It’s 60 persons (allegedly) as a gang (and) as a group, which is a significant impact on the activities of the gang,” he outlined.

With the alleged gangsters in custody, remnants of the criminal organisation are engaged in violent acts among themselves, Anderson stated.

“Of course, this has caused with the major leaders in custody, some conflicts within the gang as people vie for leadership and other spoils, but the gang is significantly degraded from where it was,” he said.


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