Haiti: PM: Gang Members Shoot At Police Vehicle

Members of the G9 Family & Allies gang shot at a police vehicle in Village de Dieu, a neighborhood in Delmas Thursday morning, Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe posted on Twitter

Jouthe did not say whether any police officers were inside the vehicle during the shooting.

“Police are taking these attacks seriously and are reacting,” he said. “I urge everyone to remain vigilant.”

One day prior, news reports emerged about men in police uniforms participating in recent kidnappings. The Thursday shooting drew suspicion from some residents, many of whom believe the gang is linked to the government led by the PHTK party.

“They’re making a diversion, I thought the name of the gang was ‘G9 PHTK, touch one you touch all of us,’” a Twitter user going by Rodriguez Hernandez Jn-Marc commented on Jouthe’s tweet.


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