Dominican Republic: Ministry of Women and UNDP renew commitment to eradicate violence and gender inequalities

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) updated their joint work agreement to strengthen mechanisms for mainstreaming the gender perspective, support the institution’s technical and operational capacities for the eradication of gender inequalities, and accompany state institutions in the implementation of the Gender Equality Seal.

During a meeting between the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Mayra Jiménez, and the UNDP’s resident representative, Inka Mattila, the agreement was renewed. They committed to strengthening actions and tools for mainstreaming the gender perspective, institutionalization, and progress toward compliance with Agenda 2030.

They also agreed to promote women’s political participation and leadership and the promotion of women in decision-making positions through courses, workshops, and diplomas, as well as to make their presence and contributions visible in the parties, movements, and political groups in the electoral processes, through analysis and virtual tools.


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