Suriname: People with disabilities should be included

People with a disability must be counted and included in society. They must be able to make their own individual choices and have control over their own lives. “They also have rights. Accessibility for this target group must also be increased, ”says Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo).

Deciding for yourself is an important condition to increase the well-being of this vulnerable target group. This gives them the opportunity to participate fully in social life. The ministry is raising awareness among this target group and is therefore working hard to involve them in policy.

For the minister, every individual counts, including people with a disability. According to the minister, this target group can also contribute to the progress of Suriname. Often enough, people with disabilities are underestimated, but they too are full of talent and very entrepreneurial, which they express in their own special way.

Today the entire world community commemorates the International Day for People with Disabilities. This day is also an important day for the Surinamese nation. “A day to reflect on and realize how important people with disabilities are to every society in the world,” said Minister Ramsaran.


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