Suriname: Minister Amoksi calls on inspectors to act ethically

Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police (Juspol) has called upon a large group of sub-inspectors who have been promoted to 3rd class police inspectors to ensure that their actions are ethical. He urged them to take into account the human rights of especially the very vulnerable in society and the less fortunate. The promotion of just over two hundred under-inspectors took place at the Police Academy on November 30.

According to the minister, the officials who have been promoted to the next higher rank still have a few obstacles to overcome. He went on to say that many of them will soon be undergoing inspector training, which means they are moving towards greater responsibility. “To positions where you will have to demonstrate more leadership, where you will be looked after more, where you will have to correct others.”

The minister also discussed recent developments regarding the recruitment, selection and training of police recruits, which he believes must be very open and professional. “After all, any competent planter knows that the trick is to work the soil well so that the seed can grow well. We are going to take the right and appropriate measures against what happened here. In addition to recruitment and training, structure and organization, management and leadership, the application of technology and the way we deal with information, and now also community policing, are decisive for the success of the Suriname Police Corps, ”said Minister Amoksi.


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