NYC: Wealthy BLM protester Clara Kraebber arraigned on a graffiti charge

Privileged protester Clara Kraebber took a plea deal Thursday for the alleged possession of a graffiti instrument after she was arrested during a lawless Black Lives Matter demonstration in Manhattan that left countless storefront windows smashed and thousands in damages.

Kraebber, 20, was initially charged with felony riot and one misdemeanor count of possession of a graffiti instrument but the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office didn’t pursue the top count.

“The People have conducted an extensive investigation utilizing hours of video footage, electronic evidence and other physical evidence and have determined that we cannot prove the defendant is guilty of felony charges beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Assistant DA Will Darling without elaborating on the graffiti charge.

The wealthy daughter of a psychiatrist and architect appeared virtually for the proceeding sporting shortly cut and freshly dyed black hair. The utilitarian new do was a sharp departure from her prior look of flame-colored shoulder-length locks.


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