Suriname: NDP spokesperson: coalition is downright misleading

The reaction of the coalition summit to the statement by former president and NDP chairman Desi Bouterse, indicating that the current political system and administration “remove with weapons” is downright misleading. In conversation with Suriname Herald, NDP spokesman Ricardo Panka said that what Bouterse said was deliberately misinterpreted.

In response, the coalition of ruling parties strongly condemned the statements of the NDP chairman. “Suriname has democratically elected a new parliament and new government leaders on the basis of the law and applicable rules of the rule of law. Such language is not only inflammatory, but also counterproductive and polarizing. This kind of irresponsible behavior could be interpreted as a violation of the law, ”the joint statement said.

Exaggerated reaction
“The reaction of the coalition summit is very exaggerated. Mr Bouterse has been democratically elected president twice. Pretending that the chairman of the NDP intended to use weapons to overthrow this government, I find an exaggerated reaction to say the least, ”says Panka.


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