Suriname: Minister Amoksi: “Security is high on the government’s priority list”

Important policy measures will be taken in the coming period to guarantee safety. “Security is high on the government’s priority list,” said Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi in response to the recent crimes. The series of serious crimes of the past few days have not passed the government, claims the chief at Justice.

These crimes have seriously infringed our legal order, the minister continues. “As Minister of Justice and Police, I have instructed the Chief of Police to work diligently to locate these suspects, so that their arrest and thus – removal from society – is a fact. Under no circumstances will the government allow the security of citizens to be put under pressure. ”

Minister Amoksi calls on society to report any information that appears suspicious to the police. Social control: “See something, say something. Together we are responsible for a safe society. ” The minister has given his condolences to the relatives and has guaranteed that the tracing and arrest of the suspects has high priority.


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