6 effective ways to use Instagram in your job search

We all know that the go-to social media platform for recruiters is LinkedIn, right? Well, it’s 2020, so nothing can be assumed. In Jobvite’s new 2020 Recruiter Nation report, social media use in job searches is down overall. LinkedIn, in particular, was down 20% (from 92% to 72%). But, surprisingly, Instagram had a 20% surge, with 37% of recruiters now using it as part of the search for the perfect candidate.

“I would attribute that to an increased focus on brand, presence, and building out the employment brand,” says Kelly Lavin, senior vice president of talent at Jobvite, an HR software firm. Lavin says that recruiters want to get more of a personal sense of the employee, and Instagram content can give them an understanding of who the person is by the way they present themselves online and the content they share, she says.

If you’re searching for a job, it might be time to pay a little more attention to Instagram. Here are six simple ways the platform can help you find a job:


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