Suriname: Bouterse says he made a mistake

Former president Desi Bouterse stated today during the court martial session that he only now realizes that he has made a fallacy by not appearing before the court martial for twelve years. Bouterse apologized for this. Today, Bouterse had to explain to the Court Martial why he is opposing the judgment in absentia of November 29, 2019.

Bouterse stated that he has only now realized that he would rather be present in person at court martial sessions in the December 8 criminal trial. He realizes that he had been in violation of what he had always thought, namely that the presence of his counsel during the trial meant that he was supposed to be present.

Bouterse explained to the Court Martial that he has served the nation for many years, partly as a soldier, with the commitment of his own life if necessary. “I have always been aware that good results will be achieved in this context, but it cannot be ruled out that mistakes could also be made.” I was never grateful for this striving to reform our nation in a positive sense, said Bouterse.


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