Suriname: Bouterse case postponed to January 29, 2021

The resistance case against former president Desi Bouterse has been postponed to January 29, 2021. Bouterse explained to the Court Martial this morning why he has appealed.

For example, Bouterse said that no truth-finding was done in the case. He also said he thought he could be represented by his lawyer for all those twelve years. He speaks of a fallacy here. Bouterse has not appeared at any court hearing between 2007 and 2019.

He thinks the verdict is incorrect and that the Court Martial has not done enough to find the truth, but has relied on influences from the colonizer.

Bouterse’s lawyer, Irvin Kanhai, has raised objections in the case. For example, he finds that his client Bouterse has not been summoned or summoned correctly. He says an unauthorized person has signed the summons. According to Kanhai, the Court Martial would have been completely unauthorized to disregard the Amnesty Act.


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