Black Friday and Cyber Monday outages angered customers on these 48 retail sites

This year’s Black Friday to Cyber Monday shopping weekend is unlike any other in the past. That’s because it’s likely that when the final retail numbers come in, more people than ever will have turned to online shopping over the five-day period, thanks to apprehensions about going into brick-and-mortar retail stores due to the pandemic.

However, such increased online traffic to retailer’s websites could be one of the reasons a number of retailers have had problems with either website performance or outright outages. Matter of fact, data from Yottaa, a web performance optimization software company, say that almost 50 brands have seen significant outages or site performance problems between Friday and today.

“The cause of these site outages is usually the site’s inability to handle the surge of holiday traffic,” says Bob Buffone, Yottaa’s chief technology officer. “We’ve also seen third-party technologies that brands put on their sites cause problems, especially on checkout pages. In some instances, this causes items to disappear in carts or the carts to disappear completely.”

Overall, the 1,500 e-commerce sites using Yottaa’s web performance software saw a 60% increase in online traffic (based on page views) year-over-year, straining some brand’s systems. Buffone points out that in 2018 similar outages over the holiday shopping weekend cost brands over $100 million in revenue.


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