Praise from your boss can actually hold you back. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t

“My work should speak for itself.”

I’ve heard this sentiment hundreds of times from talented women going through our career development programs. Often, these women believe—to a fault—that because they are doing a good job in their departments, those efforts will automatically translate to being rewarded with a promotion, raise, or both.

In reality, leaving your work “to speak for itself” undercuts your ability to position yourself for the role of your dreams. Without making it abundantly clear why you want to advance in the organization and how your skills can positively impact the ROI of the business, those making advancement decisions are unlikely to be considering you for a leadership position.

In addition, I see women in our programs (who are already there to be groomed for increased corporate responsibilities) tell me that they regularly receive glowing performance reviews. Their bosses will tell them how wonderful they are doing, which, on the surface seems great, but in reality, it’s often the kiss of death when it comes to career advancement. Here’s why:


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