Dominican Republic: Luis López: “Dominican tourism is now more competitive and safer than before the virus

The health and economic crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has not only shaken the financial sectors of dozens of countries, including the Dominican Republic but has also demonstrated the resilience of industries such as tourism.

Luis Lopez, president of the only purely Dominican hotel chain, Amhsa Marina Hotels & Resorts, said that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” a phrase that refers to the fact that Dominican tourism is now more competitive and safer than before the arrival of the virus because the processes have been strengthened to guarantee a stay of confidence for tourists.

“I am convinced that the ‘tourist industry’ is being reborn stronger, safer, with more control of hygiene, food safety and customers in general; however, the sector, one of the first to close its doors last March and one of the last to reopen, does not depend only on the actions of local authorities, but those of other governments that affect the flow of passengers,” he explained.

Also, he said that DR depends mainly on several tourist issuing nations such as the United States, Spain, Italy, France, and other economies in Europe that have had to close for new Covid-19 outbreaks. According to El Dinero, this situation puts the country, which is betting on a gradual reactivation, even more in a state of uncertainty.


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