Why this pandemic winter is the perfect time to try out ‘slow work’

As the pandemic drags on, many of us are under more pressure than ever before at work. Perhaps your company was operating at a loss during the first few months of the pandemic, and now—half a year later—it’s regaining its footing and you’re juggling multiple new projects. Maybe your team laid off workers, and you’re forced to pick up the slack. Or maybe you’re trying to get a new side hustle off the ground.

These fluctuations at work are stressful. And even pre-pandemic, there was already a tendency to view overworking as a source of celebration. A more lenient time of year—such as this holiday season—can help recenter us and clarify what goals we want to achieve when we’re back at our desks.

The “slow work” movement prioritizes meaningful and measured productivity, alongside dedicated time for breaks. The work style places importance on concentrated work, especially on individual tasks. Hopping from assignment to assignment is not part of the slow work philosophy. However, wiping the slate clean, so your schedule is less packed, is a key part of slow work.

To try out this work style, find time for activities you enjoy. Build in concentrated parts of your day for passion projects that require you to use your hands—and not just your thumbs, swiping across a screen. You can more easily get to a place where your mind is uninhibited and free to wander, perhaps even allowing you to reach a breakthrough.


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