Suriname: Residents Mattheusstraat and surroundings want to get rid of a busy corner

Residents of Mattheusstraat and surroundings in Pontbuiten want to get rid of the hustle and bustle on the corner of their street. Every day there are men and boys hanging out on the corner and near the store. In conversation with Suriname Herald, local residents indicate that they no longer feel safe in their living environment. There are a number of drug locations nearby.

“We don’t have our peace of mind. There is fighting and stolen every day in the shop or loud music playing or shootings. The companies that supply products for the stores also have no peace of mind. During delivery, the products are taken away or the money is stolen. Suppliers’ phones are also being taken away, ”they complain.

The well-known location in Pontbuiten is busy from early in the morning until late at night. “Alla neti wi e yere gon shot tap ‘a uku. We don’t have our peace of mind, we live here because we have no other choice but it is no longer pleasant to live here, ”say the concerned local residents.

They themselves are afraid to visit the on-site store. According to local residents, the police have been informed of the situation several times, but this will not change. “When the police are there, they are not there. Even during the lockdown, there was a buzz on this corner. ”


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