Suriname: Democracy, Autocracy and Kleptocracy

Suriname has quickly changed from a democracy to an autocracy where the unlimited power is in the hands of two gentlemen, namely Chan Santokhi and Ronnie Brunswijk, who have turned Suriname into a family business in which there is only room for family, friends and acquaintances. In due course, this form of government will inevitably lead to a kleptocracy when oil discoveries are soon pumped up.

Two power-drunk leaders, one with a diaspora syndrome, the other with an African Igwe syndrome. Furthermore, nothing concrete has been done in the past three months. All the people are being told is to tighten their belts and show patience while waiting for her to be ushered into the Promised Land soon.

In the meantime, these leaders move through the country in expensive cars with three support cars, while the people starve and one platform after another is pushed down their throats.

Instead of taking an example from a country like South Africa where, in view of the crisis, the president and his entire cabinet have given up half of their salary, these leaders go on a district tour. A shameless performance to say the least, in which they do not care about the drama that is currently unfolding in the country. I have noticed that in the current crisis in the country, feelings of alienation arise and there is an increase in mental disorders, violent crime and social disturbances. It looks like an epidemic of suicide.


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