Jamaica: ‘Animals’ – Cop, Residents Decry Gun Slaying Of Grandma, Girls

On humid nights in Tryall Heights, 71-year-old Sylvia Stewart would often find respite by sleeping on her verandah, with even her back door left open.

Now she is deathly afraid.

Stewart is still rattled by the bloodbath that unfolded in Tryall Heights on Sunday which severed half a century of fond memories with her best friend, Iciline McFarlane.

The 81-year-old was killed execution-style in a vengeful attack that also claimed the lives of her granddaughters, Christina McFarlane, 10, and Mishane McFarlane, six.

Stewart fought back strong emotions on Monday as she recalled the terror that visited the St Catherine community.

The brutality of the attack is unusual in Tryall Heights, with such exhibitions of unbridled violence more familiar in other St Catherine neighbourhoods like Tredegar Park, Gravel Heights, and Lauriston, where bloodthirsty gangsters invoke fear through beheadings and mass killings.


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