Bahamas: Level 4: U.S. CDC warns citizens not to travel to The Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government yesterday defended the measures taken to protect visitors and residents from COVID-19 after a recent health notice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned travelers to avoid all travel to the country.

“The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas have taken note of the travel advisory issued by the United States, 23 November 2020, regarding The Bahamas,” read a joint statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism.

“While the general advisory is Level 3 — reconsider travel to The Bahamas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice — travelers should avoid all travel to The Bahamas.

“The Bahamas understands the need for all countries, including the USA, to put in place health and safety measures in the best interest of its nationals. At the same time, The Bahamas has also put in place travel parameters for the protection of Bahamians, residents and tourists in the country, namely by requiring all persons traveling to The Bahamas to have a COVID-19 Travel Visa and a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test to enter The Bahamas.


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