Suriname: Police fired shots at three men

The police fired shots this afternoon at three men in Pontbuiten. One of them, known as ‘Rocker’, received gunshot wounds. The other two men have taken the hare path. This case occurred at Mattheusstraat in Pontbuiten.

According to local residents, the police drove by and started firing shots at the men who were believed to be on the street corner. The local residents feel in the dark why the police fired shots in this way.

The local resident on whose yard was ‘Rocker’ with gunshot wounds, indicates to Suriname Herald that she was inside. She suddenly heard her daughter scream. “Mama deng sutu sama yah” and she ran outside to see what was going on. She saw the victim lying in her backyard and screamed for help, the old woman recalled.

Other local residents tell Suriname Herald that there is a daily bustle on the corner of the street. They do not know what exactly is going on. They also do not know why the police shot the men. They say the police drove away immediately after that.


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