NYC: Hispanic ex-DA employee says he was fired for complaining about being called ‘monkey’: suit

A Hispanic employee working in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says he was discriminated against — including allegedly being called a “monkey” by his boss — and was eventually fired after complaining about the treatment, new court papers claim.

Emilio Tatis — who has worked in the Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau since 2014 — says it was much harder for him to get promoted and succeed in his job than his white and Asian colleagues, who made more money than he did, according to a Manhattan federal lawsuit from Monday.

“I quickly realized that I had to work twice as hard to get half as far as other employees,” Tatis told The Post.

His direct supervisor, Steven Moran, referred to Guyanese workers as “monkeys” in a racially derogatory way, first in 2016, and Moran would call Tatis the word on multiple other occasions, the court documents claim.


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