NYC: duo has given 10,000 filled backpacks to homeless during COVID-19

It’s their way of helping a city in crisis carry on.

Since March, the couple behind homeless nonprofit Backpacks for the Street has given out 10,000 backpacks — containing more than 180 gallons of sanitizer, over 16,000 masks and upward of 2,000 meals — to the most in-need New Yorkers. Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner’s generosity even extends to displaced pets, which they’ll help when they can.

“We’ve been on the front lines of COVID now since the moment it hit, working 15-hour days, seven days a week to help the homeless,” Newman, 52, told The Post of his and 42-year-old fiancé Conner’s outreach group. They started Backpacks in 2018 but seriously increased engagement after the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

“With the ramp-up of COVID and winter, we are not slowing down either,” Newman added.


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