This phone magically stretches out like Gumby

Apple recently announced all its new iPhones, and it’s clear that not much is changing in Cupertino’s design this year. But check out this video of a new, magically expanding phone by Oppo—the fifth most popular mobile phone brand in the world.

Called the Oppo X 2021, it’s a standard 6.7-inch smartphone that, with the press of a button on its side, can expand in your hand to a 7.4-inch tablet—stretching from a rectangle to a shape more like a square. As that happens, the interface almost seems to cross-fade from one configuration to the other; if you’re watching a video, the interface simply stretches bigger.

The effect looks unreal. It’s as if someone is using pinch-to-zoom to expand a box in real life. But it’s not magic or editing trickery. This new display is part of a very clear, evolving lineage of technology inside smartphones.


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