Suriname Bouterse suspects heavy money laundering by the current government

In fact, they perhaps should have confessed, what we are investigating, that those guests are heavily laundering, former president Desi Bouterse also chairman of the NDP said yesterday in party center Ocer during an emergency cadre meeting. According to Bouterse, Ashwin Adhin, former vice president also NDP parliamentarian, should be eliminated because he does not ask easy questions in parliament and “Adhin bo fasi den man”.

Regarding the allegations that Adhin allegedly destroyed and embezzled media equipment, the former president has explained how things turned out. The intention was to donate a building to the Institute for the Deaf. It is not possible to donate an empty building, then the Cabinet of the Vice President arrived and announced that it had fairly good things. With the depreciation of the items, they can be given to the Institute for the Deaf.

The Institute for the Deaf had asked that things should not be left there because burglaries are fairly frequent. The items were returned and they remained under the care of Amin Dankerlui, one of the technicians.


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