No, that’s not a bug, but Google’s home screen is freaking people out today

Google’s got a fun little animation on their home page today—but it seems to be having the unintended consequence of freaking people out.

If you navigate to, you’ll be greeted with the iconic white home screen with the search bar we all know and love. But wait for a split second and your eye will soon catch a small object that appears to scuttle down your screen.

This small object is, in fact, a tiny digital leaf. It comes to rest at the bottom of the home page where the words “Carbon neutral since 2007” then appear. The tiny green leaf, in other words, is a celebration of Google’s environmental impact measures.

The only problem is, many people are seeing the tiny tree leaf and freaking out—because their minds are quickly processing the small moving thing running down their screen as an insect.


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