Jamaica: Caribbean Youth To Tackle Ocean Health Issues

Every year, 11 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the ocean — on track to triple by 2040 without concerted global efforts to stop it. In the Caribbean specifically, native mangroves and coral reefs could help protect more than a quarter of the people at risk by serving as a buffer between coastal communities and ocean waves or flooding, and by significantly reducing erosion.

These are among the issues that will dominate Ocean Heroes Network’s first-ever Ocean Heroes Regional Boot Camp in the Caribbean, in partnership with local youth and non-governmental organisations (NGO), that will take place virtually on December 6 and December 11-13. Registration is open to youth ages 11-18 from all 36 Caribbean nations and territories and close on November 30. They will gather to explore and discuss pressures and challenges facing the health of the Caribbean Sea and our shared ocean.

The boot camp is usually held in-person, but the format has been changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and, this year, will focus specifically on the health of the Caribbean Sea. The camp will seek to raise awareness and engagement on issues such as protecting biodiversity, marine conservation and plastic pollution.


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