How COVID-19 has changed what benefits we expect from our employers

COVID-19 has impacted millions of businesses across America. From working remotely being accepted as productive to accelerating digital transformation through the cloud, organizations have been going through changes that will have a long-term impact on their business. With so much change in the way we work, employees’ needs have changed, too, and organizations have had to account for such changes in their workforce’s benefits.

At the onset of the pandemic, tech companies were among the first to encourage their employees to work from home and announce the cancellation of live events. Later, they planned a very cautious return to the office, which for most will not happen till later in 2021. Options for broader remote work at some companies are remaining in place for good.

Given the very competitive job market they operate in, it is no surprise that tech companies were also among the first to address the change in priorities among their employees’ needs. After speaking to human capital management leaders at tech companies like IBM and Microsoft, it was clear they agreed on three top priorities for employees in this new environment: clear communication, support for families, and mental health.


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