Suriname: Thief caught stealing butter

The 42-year-old Carlos L. alias Caatje took a number of cartons of Marigold cream butter from a supermarket on Martin Luther Kingweg on 6 and 10 November. On November 10, the shopkeeper made telephone contact with the police of Domburg, after he caught Carlos and his companion in the act when they put some packs of butter in their trouser pockets.

The shopkeeper raised the alarm, causing both men to leave the shop very quickly. Carlos’s companion went in a different direction and was nowhere to be found when the police arrived. Carlos got on a bus to stay out of the hands of the police. Police officers managed to force the bus to stop, after which they proceeded to arrest the 42-year-old thief

During the arrest, the police found some packs of butter in his pocket. Carlos stated during the arraignment that he took the cartons of butter because he had promised his girlfriend and a neighbor. An amount of SRD 4,000 was also seized from the suspect.


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