Suriname: Adhin is being presented today; a request for release is made

Ex-Vice President Ashwin Adhin is being brought to trial today. At the arraignment, a request will be made to the judge to release Adhin, Irvin Kanhai told Suriname Herald. Regarding Adhin’s state of mind, Kanhai says his client is looking good.

Kanhai is of the opinion that the Public Prosecution Service has made a procedural error with regard to the arrest of Adhin. He is a former political office holder and action should be taken according to the law. “We are going to have this tested by the judge,” says Kanhai, at a later date.

Adhin’s lawyer has previously announced that his client has denied the allegations against him.

On Monday, Adhin was picked up at home by the police, arrested and put in custody. Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi has confirmed the arrest in parliament. The NDP faction then left the hall of the National Assembly (DNA). Adhin’s interrogation continued yesterday. He was housed in the cell house in Richelieu in Commewijne.


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